The Reality Dysfunction – A QTL Discussion

As I mentioned back in my Reality Dysfunction review, we are trying something a little different this year. Here is the first of a series of audio discussions that we will be putting up on the site. The goal is to dive a little deeper into some books to better explore what makes them good, bad, and unique. If you have some time and fancy a listen, take 45 minutes and check out the first ever Quill to Live discussion:

4 thoughts on “The Reality Dysfunction – A QTL Discussion

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your discussion! I finally managed to listen to it (I needed some quiet time to give it the full attention it deserved) and your podcast worked very well as a “refresher course” for the book, given that it’s been some time since I read it. The best aspect of listening to your various opinions was that I was reminded of the strengths of this story (as well as some of its weaknesses…) and that I felt a new-found desire to move forward with this sweeping saga, after so much time. Book 2 might very well find room on my reading queue soon thanks to this very interesting podcast 🙂

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