So you are looking for a book? Below are some of our all-time favorites that everyone should read. The books are some of the top picks from each contributor to The Quill to Live. Be sure to check them all out!

The books are listed: Series (First Book) – Author.

Andrew – Prioritizes characters/growth, interesting thematic exploration, and creative stories/settings

Alex – Prioritizes well realized themes explored through character interaction with interesting and developed worlds

ColePrioritizes pacing, character development, strong magic systems, anything weird and wacky

Brandee – Prioritizes character development, world-defying relationships, sad times, and binge-worthy plots 

Julia – Prioritizes high action/adventure plots, likable protagonists, fun magic systems, and female casts with character depth

6 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. I like books from each of your categories. Cheers!

    I feel like the following piece of advice should be passed along to you…as you are a reader of science fiction/fantasy first (it would appear)…as am I: Read The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy.

  2. Loved tooling around your website and learning about books I have never heard of! Alex gets the prize for best self portrait. And I know enough about this world to look elsewhere!

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