Wrapping Up 2015 With A Facelift

With the year coming to a close, and The Quill to Live approaching its first birthday, I decided it was time to give the site a facelift and update.

The banner has been updated with a collage of my favorite books and their covers and the recommendation page has been updated after a year of new books. Two series have moved down out of tier 1 – Raven’s Shadow and The Powdermage. Raven’s shadow has moved down because while I enjoyed Queen of Fire as its own book, the more I thought about it I didn’t really feel satisfied with it as the trilogies end. It is still an amazing read, just not one of my all time favorites. The Powdermage has moved down simply because I feel it has been eclipsed by one of the series that moved up; The Shadow Campaigns. While both amazing flintlock fantasy, The Shadow Campaigns just has the polish that The Powdermage is lacking, and Price of Valor really stood out to me this year. I have also moved The Lightbringer up, because after a reread I realized that I was criminally underrating it.

There have been a ton of additions that I have read throughout the year, and to the dismay of some of you, the must read list will only get longer. Happy holidays everyone

One thought on “Wrapping Up 2015 With A Facelift

  1. Lots of great books in that collage of yours!
    Tops on my list are Golden Son, Emperor’s Blades, and Prince of Fools (along with The Liar’s Key).
    Others are:
    Ancillary Justice (great followup to Ancillary Sword and followed by Ancillary Mercy)
    The Blade Itself (and rest of the trilogy)
    Half The World (really enjoyed the interplay between Thorn and Brand)
    Ready Player One (what a romp through old video games!)
    Old Man’s War (passed it on to my son when I was finished)
    The Martian (met Andy Weir and got a signed book – he is really funny!)
    Game of Thrones (is that in French? Read all five books – in English – and loved the depth and complexity compared to the TV show)

    Great list of books! Quite a few of those are on my TBR list!

    Can’t wait for the following in 2016:
    Morning Star
    The Last Mortal Bond
    The Wheel of Osheim

    It’s going to be a great year!

    Happy Holidays to you!

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