Uprooted – Just Go Read It Already

22544764Today I am doing a micro review, but know that I am doing it for your own good. Many of you have probably heard of Uprooted, by Naomi Novik, as it made a ridiculous number of “top book lists” last year; usually at the #1 spot. There is a good reason for this, it is a great book. However, Uprooted is one of those many things in life that it is best to go into knowing as little as possible. The less you know the more you will enjoy the journey the book takes you on, and it is a worthwhile adventure.

What I will tell you is that the story begins in a classic fairy tale setting with a village girl who has nothing special about her. She is given up as a tribute to the dragon who is lord over the village in exchange for protection and the book follows her life as it is completely uprooted. The book’s plot is clever and surprising (hence the need for the hush hush) and there are a lot of subtle things going on. For better and worse, the characters are very unique and memorable and stand out from traditional fantasy archetypes. On top of this, the magic is incredible. The magic of the book feels alive or real in a way I haven’t felt since I was a child reading Harry Potter, and that is truly saying something. I found myself attempting to cast spells in my mind as I read Uprooted and it was a transportive experience.

The one flaw I found with Uprooted was that pacing could at times be a bit jarring; jumping from long stretches of meandering to intense action with little warning. Other than that Uprooted is a stand out book that everyone should read; especially as it is fairly short and a standalone. Naomi Novik has made something truly magical in this book. While I am likely preaching to the choir as I seem to be the last person to get around to reading it, if you haven’t picked up and read Uprooted yet The Quill to Live recommends you do so.

Rating: Uprooted – 9.0/10

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