The 2017 Clean-Up

Hi Everyone! As usual we have spent some time before the end of 2017 with a site clean up. The recommendations page has been updated thoroughly, both with new series and movement of older series with new releases. We are looking into redoing the reviews page to make it more easily navigated as well. If any of you would like to see something new in the coming year, in terms of site design or content, please feel free to reply to this post with suggestions, we would love to know! Thanks again for making Quill great and know that you all are appreciated.

-The Entire Quill to Live Team

3 thoughts on “The 2017 Clean-Up

  1. Thanks for a year of reviews!
    Was the bookclub section of the site included in the cleanup? I noticed that only 1/2 of the 2017 books have bookclub averages…

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