Book Talk: Moby Dick And The Black Leviathan

We here at The Quill to Live like to have weird and frankly bizarre conversations about books, and we decided to record one of them. This time Alex and Andrew decided to compare two books that are similar to one another, but have an outrageous time gap between them. Not only that, but they take great liberties in discussing the books’ strengths and weaknesses by comparing their fantasy sensibilities. It should be considered a crime, but since it’s not, we decided to have some fun with it anyway. In this discussion we ask the question: Is Moby Dick better fantasy than fantasy Moby Dick, Black Leviathan? The answer may shock you!

Don’t worry, we left all the smart conversations to be had by people who have studied the book for their entire lives, so you won’t have to sit through high school literature class again. Instead come for the outrageous comparisons and deep dives into why we think you might enjoy Moby Dick as a fantasy reader. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to read it yourself afterwards. Or maybe you’ll read The Black Leviathan, we won’t judge.

If you like weird conversations like this, maybe we’ll find more classics to destroy with our brainy big takes!

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