The QTL Favorite LGBTQ+ Protagonist List

Hello all. As June rolls to a close, and PRIDE content starts to wind down, we compiled a list of some of our favorite representations in the science fiction and fantasy genres as a resource. All of these books and authors are fantastic on their own, but their added dedication to good representation helps them go the extra mile. As you continue to pick your books for the rest of the year, we highly recommend that you check out any of the following entries on this list. Some of these labels are a “best fit” scenario, as not every person conforms to a clean identity (and there is nothing wrong with that).

And if you’re still unsure about what this all means, or wish to educate yourself more, whether you’re an ally, a curious member of the community, or questioning, there are plenty of great resources out there to broaden your own understanding. Remember, none of the resources listed below are definitive guides but can serve as a good starting point. Learning is an ongoing process!

Lesbian Protagonists 

Gay Protagonists

Bisexual Protagonists

Nonbinary Protagonists 

Trans Protagonists

Authors – A list of our favorite authors belonging to the LGBTQ+ community

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